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About Us

Palm Urban was created in 2019 in response to a lack of space and a need for more house plants. As homes become smaller and space more valuable, compromises are being made on access to green space and furniture pieces to make homes more functional for modern lifestyles.

Coming home to a clutter of pot plants requiring a chaotic watering routine can become tiring and time consuming, not to mention costly if you forget to look after some plants more than others (we’ve all been there). As design professionals, Palm Urban has seen how spaces can be best presented for many smaller homes and apartments through the use of bespoke furniture pieces to make the space the most functional it can be.

The problem is, not everyone has access to bespoke furniture pieces and so the Green Glass table was designed as an off the shelf solution to these problems.

Use the Green Glass planter table indoors or outdoors with a powder coated aluminium frame that has been designed to withstand the Australian weather. Increase the functionality and greenery in your home and save on time and money but condensing your planting arrangements to more organised and purposeful collections.

As a small design business operating out of Brisbane Australia, it’s Palm Urban’s goal to increase access to green space around people homes through greener design practices.