Plant Care and Inspiration

  • Drought Tolerant House Plants

    What are drought tolerant plants? Drought tolerant plants are an amazing addition to your backyard or house plant collection with the added benefit of being incredibly low maintenance. These plants are very hardy and found in more extreme dryer climates, making them perfect for Australian homes.... View Post
  • Green Design - Amira Residences

    Green Design - Amira Residences The urban setting around Brisbane has been incredibly dynamic the past few years with new apartment buildings seemingly opening overnight. However, some really stand out from the rest through thoughtful design principles. Overlooking the city and parklands from ... View Post
  • How Do I Care for my Indoor Succulents?

    Succulents are a popular species of plant found in most nurseries and homewares stores making them an accessible option to anyone looking to start planting. They're a hardy plant that doesn’t need a lot of attention, making them appealing to most of us that have a busy lifestyle. People in apart... View Post