The Best Styling Tips for Indoor Planters

The Best Styling Tips for Indoor Planters

Green Glass is the perfect planter to showcase your love for house plants. We believe that every home is unique and through furniture you can express your sense of style. This indoor or outdoor coffee table with its dazzling built in planter will uplift any living space.  

We have a few suggestions on how to create a truly eye catching plant selection for your coffee table, to redefine your living area. The product aims to brighten the living space whilst still complementing surrounding furniture. 


  • Start small by purchasing small table top size plants when getting started. They will eventually grow and become lush.
  • Select low maintenance plants such as succulents. They do not require frequent watering and thrive off a few hours of sunlight per day. They bring interesting form and colour without adding height. They will add a fresh sense of delight into any room.
  • Cascading plants are useful to soften the edges of the coffee table. They work well as a delicate 'spiller' plant that create interest when planted with other succulents. However, be cautious with cascading succulents around children or pets.
  • Gravel or lava stone pebbles work really well as an infill for the planter, this will complete the sleek and polished look to uplift your home.
  • When creating a monochromatic arrangement, it’s great to use different shapes and textures to add more interest.
  • Create arrangements focused on greens, blues and purples and brighter arrangements with reds, oranges and yellows can be really eye-catching.

Plants add colour, warmth and life to a space which is a great way to refresh any home.