Plant Jungle Styles the Green Glass Table in Matte Black

Palm Urban have been lucky enough to team up with Alan Chan from the popular instagram page Plant Jungle. Plant Jungle boasts more than 70,000 followers. It is full of houseplant care and styling tips for your urban jungle. 


Alan has styled one of our new Green Glass tables in Matte Black with a quirky 1970’s feel using ferns and moss, and we are loving it! Commonly styled with succulents and pothos, Alan has brought back the fern in 2020!

plant jungle

Get the look here!

Step 1: Select your style of plants

Alan has selected ferns and moss. We recommend to care for house-ferns, keep them in a shady area that gets plenty of indirect sunlight and make sure the soil around them stays moist at all times.

Ferns by the Plant Jungle Using Palm Urban Green Glass Table

Step 2:  Add your potting mix.

Don’t forget to cover the planter hole with a microfibre cloth. The Palm Urban Green Glass Table only requires 1 x bag of Osmocote 25kg potting mix from your local hardware store. 

Scotts Osmocote from Bunnings and Perlite from Bunnings

Step 3: Rinse and use perlite.

This helps potting mixtures to lighten the soil, allow more air around the roots of plants and to both help retain water and improve drainage. 

Potting mix in Green Glass Table

Step 4: Combine the perlite and potting mixture together. 

potting mix from Bunnings in green glass table

Step 5: Enjoy arranging your plants in your Green Glass Table. The more the better! 

Palm Urban Green Glass Table Matte Black plant jungle

Step 6: fill in the gaps with moss


Step 7: Spray with misting spray to help to raise the humidity.

Make sure to only mist plants in the morning, so that the leaves can dry before nighttime. Don't forget to mist both sides of the leaves, not just the top.

Green Glass Table Matte Black

Step 8: Gently place the glass top over your Green Glass Table and Enjoy!!!!!

Green Glass Table Matte Black