How Do I Care for my Indoor Succulents?

Succulents and Palm Urban Branding

Succulents are a popular species of plant found in most nurseries and homewares stores making them an accessible option to anyone looking to start planting. They're a hardy plant that doesn’t need a lot of attention, making them appealing to most of us that have a busy lifestyle.

People in apartments and terrace homes with limited space should be particularly excited to experiment with succulents given the impact they can have on a living space, even when in smaller arrangements.

Whilst succulents thrive in outdoor spaces, helping them grow indoors can be a balancing act, which is why this article will be answering one of the most frequent questions we get at Palm Urban - How do I care for my indoor succulents?

 Getting Started with Succulents

Succulent Arrangement

Picking the right plants can be daunting given the variety of succulents most nurseries have on offer. Things to keep in mind generally when choosing succulents:

  • They prefer sunlight: Ideally 6 hours per day and indirect where possible (especially when first establishing);
  • They don't a lot of water: Succulents need a good watering all at once, not a small amount regularly. The roots will absorb what is needed, letting the balance drain away;
  • They don't like lingering moisture: The root systems are quite delicate and prone to root rot, so should always be planted within more coarse soil like a cactus or pumice mix to allow better drainage.

 Planting Indoors

Indoor Haworthia

Knowing this in advance is important in selecting the right succulents for your setting. That being said, you might be wondering how you're supposed to address these needs whilst planting indoors.

It's true that succulents mostly enjoy sun and a little water, but fortunately there are those that are happier indoors. As a general rule thumb the greener and less widely coloured they are, the more forgiving they will be to plant indoors.

Try species like Haworthia that can get by with less sun and isn't as bothered if you overwater. This is where the potting medium plays its part and it's worth mentioning that planting in pots without drainage holes is not recommended for people new to gardening.

Tips to Care for your Succulents

 Position your succulents closest to windows that get the most natural sunlight;

  • Saturate the soil medium when watering (roughly half the pot volume), don't water in small amounts throughout the week as it will promote a shorter root system;
  • Use a planter or pot with drainage holes when starting out to prevent overwatering (make sure to water outside or with a plant tray underneath!);
  • Plant your succulents in a loose and coarse soil medium like a cactus or pumice mix to help with drainage;
  • Make sure to clean any dust from the plants leaves from time to time, as a build up can prevent the plant from absorbing sunlight.

 Make them Look their Best

Indoor Green Glass Planter by Palm Urban

Our Green Glass product is the perfect planter for those in smaller homes who can't find the space to plant. Its compact modern design provides more space for your living area and allows planting with the benefits of drainage. The product is small and light enough to move around your home for watering and more sunshine depending on what your plants need.