Green Design - Amira Residences

Green Designed Spaces photo at Amira Residences. Palm Urban Branding

Green Design - Amira Residences

The urban setting around Brisbane has been incredibly dynamic the past few years with new apartment buildings seemingly opening overnight. However, some really stand out from the rest through thoughtful design principles. Overlooking the city and parklands from East Brisbane is one such building, Amira Residences by the Aira Property Group. This RotheLowman designed building is inspired by the pink-hued historic buildings of Morocco, with a simplistic clean design elevated by the use of extensive mature landscaping.

Greener Buildings are Better Buildings

The most standout part of the design at Amira is the use of landscaping, with the architecture and landscape design overall being quite considerate to both its urban and parkland surroundings. A simple screened façade with lush gardens full of sub-tropical plants quite boldly present to the street and adjacent greenspace. The building design capitalises on the views with a heavily landscaped rooftop garden, offering residents a more sustainable use of communal space in what would otherwise be a very cold and concrete heavy urban environment.

Arched Interior Design and Architecture  

First Impressions

The recurring use of arches is fundamental to Moroccan design, which is why the entry of Amira features large arches surrounded by a tranquil water feature and sub-tropical plants. The entry lobby combines an interesting blend of designer Italian pieces, custom furniture and local Australian artwork and sculptures. The foyer is also surrounded by cascading indoor plants which packages all together as a surprisingly well balanced space regardless of all the finishings. 

Interior Design and Landscaping at Amira Residences. Photo by Palm Urban

Apartment Interiors

The apartment designs at Amira are generous, light and airy with large windows overlooking the views. Each display unit is fitted with the bespoke designer furniture packs are crafted with Moroccan patterns, palettes and natural timber to add warmth and character to the space. Decorative accents are made with hints of terracotta colours and that are supplemented by the heavy use of indoor greenery. The bathroom and kitchen have details of arches that echo the details on the facade of the building.

Apartment Interior Design with Arch Detail

Rooftop Oasis

Exciting the lift and onto the rooftop, the walls come alive with terracotta rendered patterns, Moroccan photography and cascading Pothos plants. The amenities of the building are focused on this rooftop level boasting a gym, cinema, private dining room, and 20m lap pool. The rooftop encourages year-round outdoor living with comfortable seating areas, BBQ facilities and even thoughtfully designed coffee tables that transform into champagne ice buckets in the evenings. As with other communal areas of the project, the rooftop is covered in gorgeous mature landscaping with plant beds providing privacy in separating the outdoor spaces and twin Palm Trees adorning the space for a resort style feel.

Pool Architectural Design for Amira Residences

A Point of Difference

There are so many benefits outside of the sustainability features that come with the inclusion of plants and green spaces within the urban environment. Amira Residences is a great example of a project and series of spaces that transform the entire aesthetic and mood of inner city living through the introduction of planting. For more ways to do the same with your own home, visit our products page for furniture and homewares products to help introduce more greenspace to your living areas. 

Interior Design and Landscaping at Amira Residences Photo by Palm Urban