Drought Tolerant House Plants

What are drought tolerant plants?

Drought tolerant plants are an amazing addition to your backyard or house plant collection with the added benefit of being incredibly low maintenance. These plants are very hardy and found in more extreme dryer climates, making them perfect for Australian homes. Plants that are drought tolerant are generally characterised by thicker stems and leaves, spiny or hardened appearances with darker colouring. 

The beauty in working with these styles of plants is the infrequent watering required to keep them healthy. Watering every other week in most instances is generally enough attention for these plants to thrive, saving you bucket loads of water and time. With the weather rapidly changing and becoming more unpredictable, its no wonder these plants have been trending in popularity as of late. 

Why you should use drought tolerant plants

Many varieties of drought tolerant plants exist and can be adapted to different planting arrangements to add a real feature to your living space, without the hassle of constant care. There are a range of presentable features between the varieties of Agave, Aloe and Cacti that will be shown in this article and they should be adapted to feature in your arrangements depending on colour, shape and size.

Some Varieties of Drought Resistant Plants

IM3 Types of Cactus Agave Aloe

Each of these plants lend their own volume and height characteristics to provide a well-rounded collection of plants in a stand or display, as well as looking great on their own:

  • Aloe Cha Cha - Partial to High Light
  • Bunny Ears Cactus - High Light
  • Barrell Cactus - High Light
  • Agave Variegate - Partial to High Light

Getting Started with Cacti

Cacti are a great way to get started in planting and can be especially forgiving if your new to gardening and often forget to water your plants. Each type of cactus is different, however the Ball, Barrel and Bunny Ears all require a similar maintenance routine to keep them healthy. Generally, this is full or bright partial sunlight and watering every other week with a soil medium that is very well draining. A great way to achieve further drainage whilst keeping with the desert aesthetic is to cover the soil with 2mm crushed gravel for a starker appearance and help the colour of the plants pop.

Other Low Water Plants to Consider

IM5 Snake Plant

Still wanting low maintenance plants, but don't necessarily have as much access to sunlight? For those of us living in apartments this is sometimes the case, however there are some low light and low water planting options to consider where watering for established plants can be done once a week when the soil is completely dry including the Snake Plant, Spider Plant and Pothos. 

All of these plants make amazing arrangements in the Green Glass planter depending on the style that best suits your living room, as well as the access to light. For different variations of planting arrangements for our Green Glass side table, follow us on Instagram @palm_urban.