Create a Timeless Interior Using Our New Matte Black Green Glass Table

Green Glass Table Matte Black

Colour Palette

The key to creating a sleek minimalistic interior / exterior that will suit your Matte Black Green Glass table is to tone down the colour palette. It is important to keep your colour palette simple and subdued. This means using a monochromatic palette such as black, white, grey and beige. You can add a hint of colour using plants, a vase or a decorative object. 
Interior Design Image by MCM House
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The most successful interiors that withstand the test of time are those that consider the functionality of the home. Everything should be functional and add value to the space. It is important to select chairs and sofas that are aesthetically pleasing, yet comfortable and durable. Always consider the height of the chairs and sofas. For a more intimate feel select chairs that sit low to the ground. 

Outdoor Area with Minimalist Furnishings

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Texture in interior design refers to the surface quality of a material. Be sure to offer texture using a variety of materials such as timber, glass, pottery and textured fabrics. We recommend a matte finish to your furnishings to create a soft minimalistic look.

The Cool Hunter

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Timeless interiors are also ones that are scaled perfectly and in proportion. Think about how large or small our rooms are . Larger rooms can handle furnishings and decor that are larger in scale and vice versa. We would recommend a sofa with lightweight legs to pair with our Green Glass table.

Outdoor Setting Minimalist